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  1. Tapper02

    Unique German WW I tank restoration

    Great work guys. Those cooling fans are crazy...they look more like propellers than fan blades. Interesting to see old technology like that and how engineering has progressed. -Tom
  2. Thanks Match. Yes, I have that manual...there are no good pics of the left side of the tongue with the chain installed. -Tom
  3. Still looking for pictures or the real deal to reference. Thanks. -Tom
  4. Tapper02

    war & peace additional charges

    Is the Hop Farm worth the extra charge? Coming up Monday from Italy with my 6 year old for the week...looking for alternative entertainment in the event that the W&P show fizzles out for us. -Tom
  5. Tapper02


    Same happened to me. Apparently photobucket is no longer free. 😡 If you want your pics restored where you've posted them, you have to upgrade your account with them. Not sure what it'll cost as I'm on travel and haven't looked into the issue yet.
  6. As stated, looking for a CH-108 spare parts chest for the RC-58 facsimile set, WWII vintage US radio equipment. If you don't have one but know of one (for sale or not), please let me know. Alternative to buying is taking pics/measurements to reproduce one. Thanks all. -Tom
  7. Anyone have the retaining chain for the inter-vehicular connector (jumper cable) installed on their M10 ammo trailer? I need closeup shots in order to buy the correct type of chain as mine is missing. I also need to know how/where it attaches to the tongue, and details for the ring that goes around the cable. The pics in the manual aren't detailed enough. Here is the description: CHAIN, weldless, double loop, type 1, S., 0.105 in., 10 1/2 in. long. Thanks all, Tom
  8. Tapper02

    buried and abandoned tanks

    Thanks Tony...I love seeing these old instructional videos! -Tom
  9. Tapper02


    Very nice David...that's talent! -Tom
  10. Tapper02

    combat dealers on now chan 167 quest channel

    Match, My original email was composed exactly like that. I never ask for contact info, rather ask someone to forward mine on. I'll send a follow-up email though...don't want to pester them but it would be nice to at least get an acknowledgement. ----------- Draganm, Thanks for the directions for the VPN proxy...worked like a charm! And of course as soon as you post it they put it up on YouTube...go figure! I had never heard of the occupation of the Channel Islands...that's pretty fascinating. I'll have to add them to my places to visit. -Tom
  11. Tapper02

    combat dealers on now chan 167 quest channel

    Well, one whole week since I sent an email and it's been crickets. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Anyone have a link to Ep3? -Tom
  12. Tapper02

    combat dealers on now chan 167 quest channel

    I had thought about that but was wondering what kind of "consultation fee" I was going to get charged. What the heck....I'll give it a try and let you know what comes of it. Can't hurt to try. -Tom
  13. Tapper02

    combat dealers on now chan 167 quest channel

    Anyone know who the Italian collector in S3E1 was? They said his name was Maro(?) but they don't credit anyone at the end. I'm searching for an item and looking at his collection he might have one or know where to find one. Thanks, Tom Btw, it's no longer on daily motion but I found it on Youtube:
  14. Tapper02

    All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (GMC 352)

    Nice truck Quentin... Is that a bonus purchase riding in the back? -Tom