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  1. I tried to contact them to no avail...appreciate the response though. -Tom
  2. Jon, Simply amazing. You are talented beyond belief! I have been following you since you were just building the turret, and when you started on this endeavor after the volume of encouragement to do so, I couldn't have been more excited. You are getting so close, and you have to be applauded for your commitment to staying as close to authentic as possible. I can't wait to see the hull mated with the turret, and even better, one day moving along on it's very own set of tracks. Keep it up brother...you're truly an inspiration! -Tom
  3. Brilliant Jon! I love following this build and look forward to every new post! -Tom
  4. Springs are in. All the landing leg extension springs are spoken for, but have a few of the parking brake handle springs if anyone needs one. -Tom
  5. M10 ammunition trailer owners, I am having a run of landing leg extension springs and parking brake handle springs made. I have a post on the G503 here in the US, but wanted to reach out to the other side of the pond for those of you not on the G503... Here are pics of the landing leg extension spring: Additionally, I am requesting a run of the parking brake handle springs. See pics below: If interested in either, please post up, PM or email me so I can get an idea of how many to order...quantity will help drive the prices down a bit. Cost?? High end (less tha
  6. Great work guys. Those cooling fans are crazy...they look more like propellers than fan blades. Interesting to see old technology like that and how engineering has progressed. -Tom
  7. Thanks Match. Yes, I have that manual...there are no good pics of the left side of the tongue with the chain installed. -Tom
  8. Same happened to me. Apparently photobucket is no longer free. đŸ˜¡ If you want your pics restored where you've posted them, you have to upgrade your account with them. Not sure what it'll cost as I'm on travel and haven't looked into the issue yet.
  9. Anyone have the retaining chain for the inter-vehicular connector (jumper cable) installed on their M10 ammo trailer? I need closeup shots in order to buy the correct type of chain as mine is missing. I also need to know how/where it attaches to the tongue, and details for the ring that goes around the cable. The pics in the manual aren't detailed enough. Here is the description: CHAIN, weldless, double loop, type 1, S., 0.105 in., 10 1/2 in. long. Thanks all, Tom
  10. It's the Military Museum of Southern New England in Connecticut.
  11. Good luck with that Bob. I saw that trailer and was intrigued…it's a pretty cool item. I was there in mid-December and was appalled at the state of the vehicles, both the ones inside the fenced viewing area and the ones behind/beside the museum. Vehicles with hatches/doors left open to the environment, open top vehicles uncovered, accessories left stacked up and lying around outside in the weather, etc. I inquired into whether or not they would consider selling an item behind the museum that was falling into disrepair and was curtly told that the item wasn't for sale. It's sad when museum
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