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  1. hello just seen this post from while back ,I have East German Army manuals translated into English if that might help ?
  2. great to make contact with you Karl ,I knew there was a VT 55 in Wales somewhere I put up a post here before trying to find I will send you my e mail and phone number in a PM
  3. thanks I took the plunge 10/19 arrived in Ireland last January , I also went ahead and I had 2 East German manuals an instruction and a repair manual translated into English .What part of the world are you in ? Robin
  4. its the same on E Bay military vehicles ,there is a Hotchkiss M201 jeep for sale for £30000 for ages and lots of simliar prices
  5. great videos ,he has an unrelated video where he goes to a tank driving site to get a VT 55 going ,no oil or water in the VT55 ,but he got it going , very helpful to me with my VT 55
  6. maybe try this man in France http://www.negoservices86.fr/ ?
  7. thats disappointing I have found Kerry always helpful
  8. https://www.milweb.net/webvert/a4394/97437 2 more ex Irish Army for sale in the UK sellers wants £24 for the 2 vehicles
  9. thanks for all the advice next question where can I get an Ar Filter ?
  10. a computer savvy friend of mine installed a translate button for me ,it makes like a lot easier
  11. yes thanks I have Maintenance Schedule my questions surround what is AL 39 OMD 90 OM 13 XG 279
  12. yes I have a nice 1959 SUMB according to the log book I bought it from Kerry Cheese RR Services Kent ,he has sold quite a few there is a man on the French website that sell French Army decals I can send you a sheet giving basic operating instructions PM me your e mail ?
  13. I know its been covered before I found the thread before but I cannot find it now when I want it ? CVRT Cummins engine oil 10/w/40 ? gearbox ,idler wheels ,road wheels and final drives 10/w/40 ? radiator which collant/anti freeze grease ,any ?
  14. been a while any progress on your Acmat ?
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