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  1. go in Withams site via Milweb a banner add on top of Milweb opening page
  2. Withams have some for sale in there "auction " on 23/10/19
  3. how much £/€ ?
  4. hi there great choice of vehicle you might want to join our French friends on a similar website vehiculesmilitaires.com its a bit awkward but the translate button helps there is a SUMB section and a very helpful contributor in Scotland Haggis its a deadly off road vehicle if you pm me with your e mail I can send you some basic operating instructions Kerry Cheese of RR Services Kent will have some spare parts ?
  5. any one put a temperature gauge into a diesel CVRT ?
  6. hello all I recently bought a Luaz 967m and I am trying to find someone in the UK that has one so I can ask them all sorts of silly questions . At War and Peace a good few years I met a man briefly called Louis that had one ,he is also the man with the 8 wheeler Maz tank transporter ,can anyone put a name on Louis ? If anyone has a Luaz 967m I would be grateful for any information you have to share ,regards Robin
  7. The hammer price was £8600 plus fees and VAT what looks like a French Army trailer went for £800 plus fees and Vat
  8. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/acmat-light-reconnaisance-truck-1982/20994620 for sale in Ireland
  9. can anyone suggest a haulier that would transport a small Russian jeep from Arnhem ,Holland to Dublin or I could meet them in Holyhead ?
  10. look up www.armyburza.cz look up the vehicles ,you will find Uaz 452 and 469 maybe €4000/4500 most will be registered as Czech Vintage vehicles ? nice drive home before the snow
  11. not a lot of sympathy going around for Withams latest predicament
  12. another one http://milweb.net/webvert/a4070/96508 I have been told the Stolly is complete with swim gear and is running
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aktiv-Snow-Trac-ST4-snowtrac-vintage-ex-military-forces-atv-vw-air-cooled/163689119948?hash=item261ca1c0cc:g:MIQAAOSwuTRcvzbk some one on here was looking for one of these a while back
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