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  1. robin33ba07

    CvrT crew tent

    interested I will send you a PM
  2. robin33ba07

    Mechanic / Advice Zil 131

    is the rad blind in place ? if it is leave the blind in the open position the engine wont heat that quick join the RussianTruckForum mentioned and do a search of the old threads bound to find a solution
  3. robin33ba07

    Fuel filler

    John1950 ,I have sent you 2 e mails with pictures of the fuel filler you are looking for have you received them ? regards Robin
  4. robin33ba07

    VT 55

    I am thinking about buying a VT55 , a recovery tank based on a T55 chassis ,any one know anything about this vehicle or maybe some one on the forum has one of knows of someone with one ,any help/information gratefully received
  5. robin33ba07

    BA-64 REproduction

    a picture would be nice
  6. robin33ba07

    Fuel filler

    no idea whats it worth ? it will have to be posted from Dublin ? I take you are in the UK I will take some pictures this evening ,whats your e mail (PM)
  7. robin33ba07

    Fuel filler

    I have a complete unit (I think ) it was there last time I looked any use ? the filler is in Dublin regards Robin
  8. robin33ba07

    Alvis Scorpion CVR(T) sales brochure

    how much ?
  9. robin33ba07

    1944 Leyland Hippo

    beautiful ,but way to big for my licence 👾
  10. robin33ba07

    Cvrt parts wanted

    fair enough
  11. robin33ba07

    Cvrt parts wanted

    maybe make me one as well ?
  12. robin33ba07

    Ural 4320.

    hello there what is the year of registration/manufacture of the Ural
  13. robin33ba07

    Uaz 452 for sale

    I am selling my Uaz452 ex ambulance from the Czech Republic ,vehicle located in Dublin https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/uaz-452/19989385
  14. robin33ba07

    Uaz 452

    hello there I am selling my Uaz 452 ,the vehicle is in Dublin https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/uaz-452/19989385
  15. robin33ba07

    Soviet SA-6 SAM Missile

    very dear