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  1. robin33ba07

    Lots of different vehicles!

    good site
  2. robin33ba07

    Uaz 452

    ex radio wagon
  3. robin33ba07

    Cvrt track

    where is the link ?
  4. robin33ba07

    Zil131 cab mounts

    hello there , thttps://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/kesovagora?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754 maybe contact Kesovagora ,he is in the Russian Federation ,I have bought a carb ht leads plugs and other items for a Zil 131 stuff arrived
  5. robin33ba07

    White Half Track

    what price did it get to ?
  6. robin33ba07

    Zil 131 rattle

    You can grease the water pump ,it might eliminate one rattle ?
  7. robin33ba07

    Hello - Zil 131

    hello you might have a look at the Russian truckforum its UK based very helpful what sort of body is on your Zil ,I have Zil 131 Decontamination body (ZIL 131 ARS14 ) .
  8. robin33ba07

    Royal Navy Truck

  9. robin33ba07

    BMP-1 track type and dimensions

    would the same from an OT 90 so ?
  10. robin33ba07

    Turreted Saurer Wanted

  11. As it happens I bought a really very nice 1959 SUMB from a well known dealer in the south of England two week ago ,the same man who sold then originally ,well my SUMB is mint ,(bought by another dealer and put away around 1999) I drained the orange petrol cleaned the petrol filter and off I went, I had a SUMB before and always regretted selling it ,but this vehicle seems more lively than I remember ,I have done a 40 km run faultless .I could do with a name where I might buy so filters and other consumables ,great Christmas present ,I had it collected in the UK and dropped outside Dublin, the fun of driving home is missed but it was not UK road legal and the days of taking a chance are in the past
  12. running Petlas tyres 900X16
  13. robin33ba07

    DAF YA126 - advice needed

    well I have sold the Daf for a very good €6500 ,I still managed to loose a bit but no worry just bought very nice un molested SUMB bye the way another Daf on Milweb http://www.milweb.net/classifieds.php?type=3
  14. robin33ba07

    GAZ-67B Wanted

    another one in Czech https://www.armyburza.cz/inzerat/gaz-67-capajev enjoy
  15. robin33ba07

    wanted GAZ 69 JEEP

    http://www.eurooldtimers.com/eng/inzerat/83304-gaz-69-orel-1.html in Czech