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  1. say €550 ? the cupola is in Ireland ,I wi;ll send you a pm with my e mail and I can send all the pictures you want ?
  2. hello Keith ,I have a complete cupola from a Spartan ? regards Robin
  3. https://www.theparking-cars.co.uk/used-cars/willys-m38a1-netherlands.html try this ?
  4. potential to cost you a fortune in cash ? and a fortune in time trying to find elusive parts
  5. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/auto-s/oldtimers/m1548122408-willys-jeep-c458b-nekaf-m38a1-jeep-willys-m38a1-uit-1956.html?c=efb2ef4dc323389c4f92ed10afa33e3a&previousPage=lr
  6. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/auto-s/oldtimers/m1538905947-willys-jeep-nekaf-m38a1-jeep-1961-4x4-inruil-daf-ya-126-328.html?c=a2384ef0ece270f44503df9f8598c624&previousPage=lr try this ?
  7. Did you try Milweb ,maybe Robs Army Trucks in Holland or I think Marketplatz in Holland ,that spelling might not be correct ?
  8. https://www.milweb.net/webvert/a4673/98421 What a lovely looking truck ?
  9. hello there I have a 1976 ex Danish Army Unimog 416/115 ,it was originally fitted with a Sepson winch would anyone know where I might locate one ? I am also trying to contact a military vehicle in either Denmark or Sweden called I think " Stalling "or some like that , I cant find him anywhere , anyone know the dealer I am talking about ? regards Robin
  10. http://www.vehiculesmilitaires.com/ this is a French HMVF use the translate button all kinds of stuff on the SUMB ,very useful
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