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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aktiv-Snow-Trac-ST4-snowtrac-vintage-ex-military-forces-atv-vw-air-cooled/163689119948?hash=item261ca1c0cc:g:MIQAAOSwuTRcvzbk some one on here was looking for one of these a while back
  2. best of luck ,there is or was 1 OT 810 in Ireland but it has not been seen in years
  3. I tried getting information on my Belgian Spartan from the Brussels Tank Museum they were helpful at first then the pot went off the boil ,I tried the company that assembled CVRT s in Belgium for the Belgian Army ASCO ,a polite reply to say no records ,I tried the Belgian Army ,to be told all records were destroyed as per NATO rules ,when I told the Sargent about how easy it was to get details on British Army vehicle the phone went silent ,finally the MVT not much help either ,I end ed up selling the Spartan and I bought an ex BA Scorpion
  4. if you want to PM me I have the phone numbers of Auto Star owners son ? and he speaks English ,I found them ok to deal with but that was 5 years when they had loads of stock . I got a starter for a Praga V3S posted to me from Czech extremely heavy and awkward ,the cost of post was just less that the cost of the starter
  5. PHB please reply
  6. you could give https://www.auto-star.cz/ a call they sell a lot of Praga V3S parts ,the Praga has a Tatra engine similar to the one in the OT 810l Jiri Strang is the mans name look up other Praga/Tatra dealers in Czech
  7. Hello all ,I am looking for information on a VT 55 (Recovery tank based on a T 55 ) that was parked at the Imperial War Museum from around 2006 to mid 2019 , does anyone have any information on where it came from and who was the owner of the vehicle .I have contacted Duxford and they will only confirm that the vehicle was parked at their premises ,they would not tell me the owners name .Any information will be greatly appreciated ,regards Robin Payne
  8. i think heard of a Ford Cargo gearbox being used ,I am nor sure
  9. we are in the tracked section ?
  10. wonderful vehicle I have a 93 VLRA ,parts can be expensive if bought from ACMAT direct , ACMAT bought parts from different suppliers and then sold the vehicle as there own ,if that makes sense ? the Hard Sell ,I have some NOS leaf spring assemblies and a few right front wings if you might need them ,I am in Ireland
  11. massive amount ,I can say well done
  12. have a look at this https://www.russianmilitarytrucks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5123
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