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Seeking advice on how to sell British WW2 jeep and trailer in France

Le Prof

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Hi All,

Looking for advice.

For many years I have owned a 1941ish Willys MB jeep, and 1944 SS Cars 'Airborne' trailer. They were originally registered in the UK, but I moved to the French Alps 20 years ago, which is where they are now, French registered. I still have all the UK documentation.

I damaged my spine some 10 years ago, and I am now not able to drive a jeep any real distance, so jeep and trailer have been sitting in a garage almost untouched since.

I was hoping things would get better, but time passes quickly, and I realise now it is best for the vehicle to go to a new owner rather than sitting like that.

The jeep is registered as a 1941, but is ex British Army, and has been rebuilt many times, so that I can say the majority of parts are WW2, and in quite good condition. The 1941 dating comes from the brass postwar British Army overhaul plate, it does not have original dataplates. I know the original WW2 M series number.

Literally 'ran when parked', but after standing for that time will need at least all the fluids changed, the battery changed (it is on 12v), and the tyres will need to be assessed.

It has original WW2 one piece wheels, slat grill, small neck fuel tank. But the body is a bit later, with panelled over glovebox aperture, and the Willys scripting in the rear panel is hand done (though I have a separate original Willys scripted panel I intended to fit one day). It has the brass 

The trailer is complete, no data plates, but has the post war British Army number stamped on the frame, so I know the original X series number and last unit. The floor is perforated with pinhole rust, I used it like that with no problems, but another person might want to replace it.

What do you think is the best way to sell these? Ebay? Milweb? here? As a pair or individually? 

I only have a rough idea of value, I'm not sure how originality, or lack thereof would change this value.

All suggestions welcome as to how to proceed. (-:

Thanks for your help.

My jeep in happier days in the sun (-:


Best Regards,


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Posted (edited)

Hello, All,

How do you value a jeep?

Mine is the one pictured above. As mentioned, it is complete, a bit of a Heinz 57, but mainly WW2. Ex British army. Not driven for 11 years now, but in dry storage.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Best Regards,


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