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28th Jan 1946


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The only Short Shetland 1 very long range recconaisance flying boat serial DX166 is destroyed at its mooring when the galley catches fire, It is partway through its flight testing program.


A second Shetland, a mk11 was built and flight tested as a passenger transport Aircraft, it carried serial G-AGVD .Initially intended to carry 70 passengers, it was only ever fitted with40 seats. Short brothers could not find a buyer, no order was ever placed and the mk11 was broken up in 1952.


The Mark 1 was built for a maximum take of wiight of 45 Tons, carrying a bomb load of 20,000lbs. It was flown without turrets, it having been decided there was no immediate need for a Sunderland replacement.


It was faster than the Sunderland having taken the Sunderlands 210 mph up to 263 mph.


It had pushed the Sunderland's range of 1780 miles to a massive 4,410 miles.

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