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A late hello


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Hello to all,

This is a bit late since i've been a member on this site for some time, but never bothered introducing myself. My name is Richard, I live in south somerset, and my brother, father and I have a small but growing collection of vehicles including a Willys MB, a Scammell SV/2S and an AEC Matador. The Jeep is fully restored and we took it to France in 2004, the Scammell is the current project, and you can see a blog of its restoration under the thread "Scammell Pioneer Restoration" in the Blogs of MV Restorations section, and the Matador is the next project waiting patently for its turn. You will also find my brother on this website under the name SV2S. We like to do total rebuild restorations, simply because I don't like to leave a single stone un-turned, and because I think you end up with a better finish at the end of the day.

All the best to everyone, Richard

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So I can safely say that the Family that restores together stays together ! You must have a very complete workshop to take on the verity of tasks required to do such through work ,Looking foreward to see more of your Family's projects . Like the Dutch say "Keep em Rolling"

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Yes abn deuce i suppose we are quite a close family unit. Mother has a slightly different view of the vehicle collection than us lads. I think its safe to say that our workshop is very well equipped, I haven't yet come across anything that i've had to ask some one else to do for me yet.

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