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War Hero 74... Con Man


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An piece in our local evening newspaper appeared last night referring to this guy. It gave the columnist yet another opportunity to have a side swipe at re enctment groups and others again. Last night his comment was that in future years nobody wearing medals would be seen at Poppy parades only those who dress up as 'Tommies' would be there. This writer has already described MV owners as: '... a bunch of idiots racing round in old military vehicles turning parades into a circus.' and re enactors as '.. plump middle aged men in khaki.' I have have written to point out how wrong he was with his comments. He apparently got upset when I called him 'Just another journalist.' he also took offence at me saying he was renowned for not letting truth spoil a good story. As for the imposter in this story he is possibly one of many. It is up to their own piers to point them out. Don't forget one bad chef is more dangerous than the whole SAS Regiment!!


Phil P

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