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Hello all

Guest bigredone

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Guest bigredone

Hi all and Ross


I have only been in the MV world for two years now, previously I was heavily involved in collecting Royal Naval items mainly cap tallies.


I have a Hotchkiss M201 of which is in the markings of the 1st Infantry Div 16th Infantry Regiment US Army. I am currently building up a collection for my impression of the regiment from D-Day + 1. My latest acquisition is a M19 Mortar!! :shock:


My good friend (June) and I attend as many shows as we can throughout the season and we encourage visitors to inspect our display and sit in the jeep whilst trying to inpart on them some history of the unit.


I have recently joined with the South Hampshire MVT and regularly attend their meetings.


I would like to attach a photo but have not got a clue on how to do it.



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Guest bigredone

Here we go a photo of me and me mate at the VJ Day parade in Southampton 14th August 05, Im the one driving.


:oops: Picture has come out on the large size I was only intending a small picture....advice please on how to reduce.



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Hi Paul.


And welcome to HMVF.


This site yours as much as it is everyone else's so please do make yourself at home :D


I must that is a damd fine picture there and I must say that is a wonderful turn out, to me that is what it is all about. You have a four wheeled musuem as everything on you and your vehicles has a story to tell, great work.



With regards to reducing your picture all you have to do is to go bucket to photobucket ( if that is what you use) and you have the options of reducing your picture by 75%-50% or 25%. Have play around with it and see which one works for you, I would use the 50% option for a picture like this or 25% if you are posting a series of pictures!


Best wishes and again make yourself at home.



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