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North Wales Military Vehicle Show 21-22/6/2008

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Went to the show today, my heart goes out to the organisers, apparently they had a bad night weather wise, so a few traders moved into the big marquee, only for the said marquee to blow down in the wind. Ambulances arrived, followed by 2 fire eingines and then 2 police cars, one thing I couldnt understand as to why people where photographing/videoing the collapsed tent?! Call me oldfashioned, but surely that shouldnt be done? I will photograph Police Cars, and Fire Engines, but draw the line at Ambulances when they are at a scene.


Anyway, rant over, photos can be found on my site :-







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Yes Mark you are quite correct, unfortunately some traders apparently chose to ignore the severe weather warnings and had their stands totally destroyed over night, but the storm reached its peak mid morning collapsing the main marquee as you say. However it appears that there were no serious injuries in this incident but a few minutes later vehicle exhibitors tents were hurled accross the show field but the BBC report states that only one person was taken to hospital contrary to the rumour that ' at least 25 people were ferried to hospital'. I know the person who started this and will be interested to see if any action is taken.

Obviously we had to evacuate the showground and close the show down and apart from the obvious and most important concerns for any injured and their families it will have serious implications for the club and our ability to put on a show next year.

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