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Naval Whatisit No.2

Rick W

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If only we had a marine section on HMVF....


Its an MTB, can someone tell me where this is lying and what the name of the craft is?


Its a sad then and now couple of pics, I expect some old sea dog to know where this is instantly.....




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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

Its not an unusual story on the east coast,:-DThere are still a few owned by soap dodgers hanging on as houseboats.Some of the owners are desperatly trying to keep them afloat old romantics who havnt a hope in hell without funding.They still serve as a reminder of a mostly forgotten bunch of men who braved not only the enemy but the elements.These men have never been given enough credit for there deeds and should stand alongside the spitfire pilots.Each vessel that ends like this just reinforces how little this society regards the sacrifices made.In a way i prefer to see these boats revert to nature much as most of there crew have,rather than a half harted restoration sitting in Duxford that you just walk around at ground level admiring all the cracks that have opend up since last time.The ones that can be saved should be run as educational exercises,crewed by youngsters,we have plenty of sail training boats for disabled ,disadvantaged,the list is endless,if we want to get these kids back on track give em things to do,Climbing .boating,fell walking and so on

First of all remove this protective bubble the do gooders have engeneered around them and let them be kids.What do you think the Kids prefer given the choice sat in front of a pc for hours or


to be involved with one of these.I know the people who come out with me usually have two words to say when we get back the first one starts with F and the second one ends with LL.

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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

Its a wartime picture,thats my point Rik you would like a ride and you would pay,i think it could be self funding,but your not going to get a chance,the closest you will get is.


Give me a call but it has to be before November after then we will be on £5 a mile.Another reason why these boats wont be restored.

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