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Cheap Deacts


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The VCR Bill, as worded, will allow you to retain ownership of existing registered deacts,...... prices are likely to harden ....as panic sets in.


The likely illegal trade in post VCR weapons 'sales' may further harden prices as demand increases and supply fails.


Another fine mess he's got us into. Stanley.

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I am just thinking that if I had thousands of pounds worth in my collection and then overnight, they essentially become worthless I would want to sell them as quick as I could, this doesn't seem to be happening.

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I cannot believe the lack of concern expressed by most people with deacts.

Could it be something to do with wishful thinking on behalf of the authorities and total lack of any action plan as to how to pursuade owners to declare possession. This thought in the minds of owners will continue to keep the prices up.

A bad law is just that. Lets hope our MP's are getting the message that harmless fun should not be interferred with.

I wonder if my Human Rights are being abused?


Just a thought really but if the VCR bill goes through and it is seen as a huge threat to the deact industry then why aren't we seeing the price of them plumit, I would of expect to see a price crash.
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