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  1. I've got to say the Bren had the firepower. The Enfield had the personality while the Garand had all the Nylons. Firepower wins everytime.
  2. I cannot believe the lack of concern expressed by most people with deacts. Could it be something to do with wishful thinking on behalf of the authorities and total lack of any action plan as to how to pursuade owners to declare possession. This thought in the minds of owners will continue to keep the prices up. A bad law is just that. Lets hope our MP's are getting the message that harmless fun should not be interferred with. I wonder if my Human Rights are being abused?
  3. Is that the original paint with the lead in it? I thought that was verboten by HSE.
  4. Is there anyone out there who has experienced taking the tracked vehicle road test? if so whats the format? and any tips? apart from not knocking over any street furniture?
  5. Visited the Military Odyssey show at Kent County Showground, Detling, a couple of weeks ago and saw sdkfz's immaculate Jagdpanther. (http://www.sdkfz.com). The machine is really impressive but I was shocked to hear the costs involved for restoration. The group expected to spend GBP 350000 but it turned out to be more like half a million. Some deep pockets but what got me thinking was the rebuild was from almost nothing with extensive new replacement parts. When does a restoration become a replica? Is there a set persentage written somewhere or am I just turning greener day by day?
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