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  1. Any idea what unit or any info on the attached marks found under the paint on my OT-64? I think its Polish and date is about 1968? The UB number is the road registration number?
  2. I bow to your local knowledge and apologies to Robin33ba07. Any factual information re unit marks/numbers in operation will be gratefully received. Bob
  3. Thanks for the kind words. It just needs a paint, which I wanted to do myself. The radios and telecom bits I'm not so sure about. I just made sure I got a chassis as per full spec. When I've worked out what everything does, power feeds, aerials, earthing, internal lighting, telephone exchange, that little bracket with a hook on it that doesn't seem to do anything etc. then I'll get them up and running. I attach a photo of the vehicle being worked on. I have decided the vehicle is female and looking for a Czech female name for it. 'OTKA' is favourite at the moment. Reasons for female; Complicated, protecting, awkward to drive, but ultimately welcoming and a pleasure to be with. All suggestions considered. Bob
  4. I have been assured by the suppliers, STV Group a.s. that this particular OT-64 Stredni Kolovy Obrneny Transporter (SKOT) [in english; Medium wheeled armoured transporter] was incorporated when manufactured, into the Czechoslovak Army in 1968, then Czech Socialist Republic Army 1969 > 1992, Czech Republic Army 1993 onwards until sold from reserve in 2005. It has only 980 km on the speedometer. It is all original with all kit including all radio stations for Divisional command. The R3 variant is a Velitelske pracoviste (command posts). Plan is to get it on the road then paint as new with full original marks. I intend to do more research on the application of the variant and hope to have it ready for show next year. Bob
  5. Dear All, Thanks for the welcome from my 'Introduction' post. Please find attached a few pictures of my new purchase, just arrived from Czech Republic. Bob
  6. Hi everyone, Just a quick introduction about my interest in military vehicles. I have spent a lifetime of work in the civilian ammunition world. Now I have built my last round, advised on my last SAAF factory build and looking forward to enjoying a practical interest in historic military vehicles. I have owned as part of my job several live test guns, Soviet 76mm field gun, 25pounder field gun, FH70155mm and all manner of small arms weapons. I also privately owned for ten years a vehicle set of Lance missile carriers (launcher & carrier) which I sold back to the part of Germany they were used by the British Army, to be fully restored. I realised in retirement I did not want the hassle of caring for a low loader to carry tracked vehicles. After all for me its a hobby not a business. I had always been interested in the military vehicles of the Warsaw pack so I went to Czech Republic this summer and bought an OT-64 SKOT R3. This is the command and signals version made in 1968 and was used as a mobile divisional command centre. In all the joint project between Poland and Czech produced about 6500 vehicle between them. A total of only 92 R3's were made from 1965-68. The vehicle arrived about a month ago and having sorted HMRC import procedures, I am in the process of verification with MVT. Then after registration I'm hoping to get on the UK roads as I have a suitable HGV licence. I hope you will come and visit if you see me at a show, a beer or a brew will always be available. I look forward to the practical end of vehicle restoration and hope to start this winter. I also have interests in the Cold War period and am a long time member of Subterranea Britannia (Sub-Brit). Bob Lawson
  7. I've got to say the Bren had the firepower. The Enfield had the personality while the Garand had all the Nylons. Firepower wins everytime.
  8. I cannot believe the lack of concern expressed by most people with deacts. Could it be something to do with wishful thinking on behalf of the authorities and total lack of any action plan as to how to pursuade owners to declare possession. This thought in the minds of owners will continue to keep the prices up. A bad law is just that. Lets hope our MP's are getting the message that harmless fun should not be interferred with. I wonder if my Human Rights are being abused?
  9. Is that the original paint with the lead in it? I thought that was verboten by HSE.
  10. Is there anyone out there who has experienced taking the tracked vehicle road test? if so whats the format? and any tips? apart from not knocking over any street furniture?
  11. Visited the Military Odyssey show at Kent County Showground, Detling, a couple of weeks ago and saw sdkfz's immaculate Jagdpanther. (http://www.sdkfz.com). The machine is really impressive but I was shocked to hear the costs involved for restoration. The group expected to spend GBP 350000 but it turned out to be more like half a million. Some deep pockets but what got me thinking was the rebuild was from almost nothing with extensive new replacement parts. When does a restoration become a replica? Is there a set persentage written somewhere or am I just turning greener day by day?
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