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ALICE pack question

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I have a few ALICE packs, medium and large, in varying conditions from practically unissued to been around the block a bit with a mixed bag of genuine and non-genuine accoutrements.

After recently re-reading the idiots guide to assembly of ALICE equipment and briefly watching a YouTube video on making a medium pack into an assault pack elaborating on where the volume reducing tie points are and then looking over my packs I've found that only my OG medium pack and my Arab clone in desert tri-cam large pack have these volume reducing elements fitted my remaining US large packs and woodland medium packs, as far as I can make out, don't appear to have ever had them installed.

Is this a case of a design change at some point in late production for an element that probably had little to no use by anyone, a redaction of that aspect of the pack to save a few cents in manufacturing or a spooky case of super ninja level removal of the parts by units/troops as an individual preference and I just happened to have wound up with almost all of my purchases having this done by some fluke?

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