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RAF paint colour code


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Robin I saw your post on VMARS Collector, the trouble with the 'Collector' forum is that if anyone replies it is only the original poster who sees it. The rest of us don't know if there were any responses. Unless I can give an immediate answer I don't bother replying as often it takes a while to dig up an answer only to find someone else has already answered. Presumably they haven't answered as you are asking on here.

I am a bit confused because you mention Aircraft Leaf Green but on the VMARS post the code quoted is quite different as 33B 9 42883. I assume that was you on VMARS it would be odd if there were two different enquiries about Aircraft Leaf Green in one evening.

If you can confirm the code, when I get a chance I will look as I have many many RAF Stores fiche from 1970s-80s

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After the RAF DMC 33A the following 7 digits look suspiciously like the "non-significant number" of an NSN.

Adding the 99 Nation Identifier it gives the NIIN 99-224-7389

Adding the 8010 NSC for paints, dopes & varnishes gives the NSN 8010-99-224-7389 this just for 5 litres of paint & is not a paint code in itself.

Which is Olive Green which is BSC381C No.220. This is a well established colour & appeared  in the original BSC381 1931 as No.20.

Confirmation of the reconstruction is shown in this extract from FAP1086 Section 33A April 1982.


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