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Technical question.... Ferret / Pig clutch/flywheel bolt locking plate/split pins?


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Hi all

I am converting a B60  from wet sump to dry sump to use in my ferret . The wet sump engine had a REME  rebuild in 1991 and was crated . It all appears as new, and has its engine record in the tube. I am using the fluid flywheel off the old  (ferret) engine.  The dry sump/oil pump etc has been converted, and I have started bolting things on.

  I have put new bearings and seal  in the flywheel , and when preparing to install   noticed the bolts that hold the flywheel casing to the end of the (piggy)  crankshaft   have not been drilled for a split pin.   I had a close look just on cases the previous person had just wound the nuts off, leaving the cut pieces of split pin in the hole. The old engine used split pins , but the piggy engine had none?      I will have a better look in the  daylight , but is it possible that by 1991 they were using thread lock instead of split pins?  Or did it have a locking plate ?

Any advice please  gratefully received.


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I know I'm late in replaying but I would drill each stud and add split pins instead of any thread locker. I say this only because these studs and nuts are submerged in the flywheel fluid. I use ISO15, and some people have used 30 weight ATF. ATF is a detergent and would defiantly degrade the tread locker in my opinion. Keeping with a mechanical lock (split pins) would not degrade in any oil. I believe you're talking about these bolts: image.thumb.jpeg.ba1ddac1bdf2e3a0b28831682d147745.jpeg

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