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Roumer Control / Scuttle Butt Enquiry

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Hi everyone. I know a lot of Us mourn the end of War & peace. But not the end of it's greedy owner!....

OK, I heard from a friend today, that the 'Show' has been purchased by a Gentleman in Holland?

I cannot confirm this information personally. But has anyone else heard similar? It would be great if it were resurrected & be back on the show circuit! 

W&P was My Annual Holiday, as I know it was for many others too. I do miss the 10 days annually at Beltring!

So, anyone else heard this? Or have any update / confirmation?

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Haven't heard anything about that.


I did love to go to the show and meet up with old friends.

But for us mainlanders it would be a  hassle coming over since the thing we shan't mention...starting with a B.....


I'd like to have a similar show in southern netherlands of North Belgium.

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Just been directed to this:....The page has the W&P Heading Logo. It's too big to post on here.

I'm corrected that it is a Dutch Ownership Leader now. Make of it as you will, though obviously there will be a LOT of scepticism & Bitterness out there?

Be good if it is genuine though?

New Venue. New Dates. New Team.


Wishing you a fantastic 2024!

The War & Peace Show is in the process of updating its website.


Stay tuned for details on the new showground and dates for upcoming events.


We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to reconnect with all of you soon.

Best regards, The War and Peace Team

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