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Royal Enfield WDCO Restoration


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I am making some progress on my WDCO build from parts. Engine stripped down.  Finally the rolling chassis is taking shape with girders and wheels on. Lots of head scratching in the process and a challenge finding some of the parts. I have a couple of questions for any WDCO owners.

Firstly, the parts book lists Crown Distance Washers. Can anyone confirm the thickness? From a dry run I have used quite thin washers as per photos.  Am I right?

Secondly, I wasn't sure which way round the front brake torque distance nut goes on. I has different size shoulders each side of the nut. Which one goes against the brake place?

Finally, i am still after a set of front brake shoe springs if anyone has any to sell?


2024-01-27 17.22.37.jpg

2024-01-27 12.58.29.jpg

2024-01-27 12.58.24.jpg

2024-01-27 13.06.52.jpg

2024-01-27 13.12.21.jpg

2024-01-27 13.12.32.jpg

2024-01-27 13.17.03.jpg

2023-12-24 15.50.10.jpg

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The lower link spacer washers are the same thickness as the damper plates, to keep the links parallel.

The dome end on the spindle nut sits in the scallop in the brake plate. 



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You're welcome. I've worked on quite a few RE's over the years and they are one of my favourites. But from an assembly point,  I never did really like the left and right hand thread idea for the fork spindles. Ron 

DSCF3474 (2).jpg

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