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Tillies in Australia


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A few examples have survived down under. 

During the later years of the war, there was a plea or demand coming from farmers and primary producers for light utility vehicles for farm use. The Federal govt. approached the UK  with a order/request to supply these vehicles. Newspaper reports indicate that, initially  1200 tillies were to be shipped to Australia but it appears the actual number that arrived was far less. In mid 1945, adverts appeared in newspapers across the land announcing the arrival of the tillies, ranging from Tasmania across to Perth West. Aust. A permit was required in order to purchase one of these vehicles. 

The few tillies that did arrive, ( maybe 200-300 ) were sold to civilian farmers through Standard, Morris and other official dealerships.. These were brand new vehicles, not used. Some of these dealers would have received as few as two or three tillies to sell, one dealer advert has just  one Standard available. The most numerous survivors are Standards, with only a very few of the other types still in one piece. I know of only one Morris tilly restored to running condition, a mammoth effort that required parts from two or three wrecks and much fabrication of new panels involving many hours of labour.









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