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900 x16 tyres

Piston Broke

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The old tyres on the Bedford MW have reached the end of their natural.  They are bar grips, marked 900 x 16 CC "for British wheels", which is correct according to the manual.  I have a set of part worn replacements, which I am assured cam off an old Bedford.  They are however marked 900 x 16 C and are noticeably smaller.  The tubes are smaller and the bead angle is obviously different, as there is a slight gap at the edge of the rim.  They'll do the job and with a max speed of 40 down hill with the tide in the right direction, I am not concerned with them being unsafe.  I am aware of the change of bead angle on British rims compared to modern/US examples, which I guess accounts for the slight gap around the wheel, but why the difference in size?  Can some tyre afficionado advise on the difference between C and CC tyres?

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I think one anomaly in tyre sizes is British tyre manufactures stated imperial sizes but they were in fact metric. US and Canadian manufactures produced tyres that were marked and were and are imperial sizes. Markings after the tyre size are usually load and speed ratings. I think the ten year rule applies to all steer tyres.

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