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Austin K5


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Evening everyone

I’ve recently bought an Austin K5 that needs minor restoration 🤥  and yes before you ask I am addicted to rust and no I’m not seeking help, I’ve gone beyond that point. Unfortunately this project won’t be started for a while as it will have to wait it’s turn but in the meantime I’m looking for a manual and drivers handbook if anyone has them available for sale, I’m also looking for more information on its build date and body type if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be appreciated, post war reg is 27YV24.

Many thanks Seamus



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9 hours ago, 10FM68 said:


For just under 8 Euros try Rob Van Meel in Holland.  He has a number of useful WW2 publications to do with British & Commonwealth (& other) vehicles.

Many thanks, I’ll have a look today 👍


9 hours ago, Rootes75 said:

I did see you ask about this one on FB and wondered if it had made its way into your collection!!

You know what it’s like, we just can’t help ourselves, it was crying out to be saved, all I need now is some more spare time and a lottery win!!

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I’ve purchased a copy of is key card to try and trace the history of the K5 , if any of our more knowledgeable members are able to help with any info that would be greatly appreciated, in particular body type,  date into service etc. Also where would the chassis number be stamped on the chassis?





The previous owner who bought the K5 in 1991 done a fantastic job tracing its post war history which all adds to the story. 



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Couldn’t resist getting stuck it and try to start the K5

First job, remove the plugs and spray penetration oil down the bores just to provide some lubricant, check the oil, connect a battery and cross your fingers , give the starter cable a pull and she turned over straight away, crank it several more times to get some oil pumping around and them check the ignition switch, switch working ok, clean the points and check for a spark, so far so good, connect up a gravity feed fuel supply and check for leaks.




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