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Land Rover two piece door top rattle

paul connor

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I actually sold my old 110's doors as they would never stop rattling, but that was back in 2005, when I was somewhat less mechanically minded. I regret trading them for some civilian ones that just rot out, but we all make mistakes. 


I have just bought a Wolf90 and the door top glass adds a certain musical theme when driving, which I would prefer was not there. I have the AESP for the parts, but I am curious for those of you who have completed this task what is are the essential parts to change. Before I just replace all seals, gaskets and runners!


Many thanks



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Do all the felt. That will cure most rattles and its cheap as well as simple. It will require taking the door top apart but if you can operate a rivet gun you will have no issues. I found having a the edge of a big thick washer helps with inserting the felt strips as a screwdriver may damage the felt. YMMV


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