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Bowman antenna bases

paul connor

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I was wondering if people could help with a few questions?

1.The Bowman antenna bases that are on the Wolf 90/110 front wings - are these simply attached to the wing mounting brackets that were for Clansman ATUs (RRC8359) or do they have a spacer or specific piece between?

2. The Clarke 8m mast brackets for the rear wing/panel - how are these attached, are they simply bolts and a strengthener piece behind - is there a fitting kit instructions EMER?

3. What is the difference in Bowman antenna base, as some have a thread coming from the spring in the centre, others appear a female attachment, is there a specific for locations, IE wings and side mast supports?


Many thanks



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That's fine Paul as long as it helped. My Wolf has a mish-mash of Bowman/Clansman fittings. I have modified one Bowman mount to accept a SO239 socket for my amateur 144/432 MHz whip. It has a stainless steel base & it is often pointed out that a shiny fitting like that would never have been used in service. I enjoy pointing that the offending chunk of stainless steel bears an engraved NSN, then the expert goes away : )

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