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Gainsborough Medium Wheeled Tractor - Royal Engineers

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Well a quick glance at the 'B Card' suggests that the vehicle was delivered to 221 Base Vehicle Depot in Singapore where it spent most of its early life, either in storage or, perhaps, being used by visiting, or exercising, RE units.  I say this because it wasn't signed over to a user unit during the time it was in Singapore.  In 1967 it returned to the Central Vehicle Depot Ashchurch from where it was then issued to 129 Field Squadron Royal Engineers (Volunteers) which was in Hull as part of 72 (Tyne Electrical Engineers) Regiment RE (They wore distinctive collar dogs, incidentally on which the word 'Ubique' was replaced with 'Tyne'.  It stayed with them through a change of unit identity number before being struck off census as a Training Aid at the Central Engineer Park which was at Long Marston.

That having been said, I notice that the B Card doesn't match the data plate; the former having the ERM (Equipment Registration Mark) of 00CY02 and the latter 02DZ67, so they don't match.  In other words, the paperwork you have is for a different vehicle.

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