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NATO 6 way Switch Light Switch (PRC5410) jumper lead

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Apologies but I know a wiring guru on this site will be able to double check my thinking. I have a fault with the live on my NATO 6 Way Switch which stops the normal headlights, sidelights on my defender from coming on. As soon as I turn the switch from "off" to headlight, sidelights or convoy the circuit cuts out and all the lights including indicators stop working. I have worked through the problem having taken the switch apart and it is now back together, the issue is the brown live terminal which is cracked. Whilst I work out how to repair the terminal and looking at the wiring diagram,  as a temporary fix, I believe I can jump between the Brown live and the Brown and white connector to allow the normal lights to work via the switch. Before I do that I thought I might just check with you to confirm, not really keen on burning out the loom as I note their is a fair amount of current running through the live wires on this switch, Any help gratefully received. I have added some images below and indicated in red what I am looking to connect. Many thanks 

Nato Switch Live Bridge 1.JPG

Nato Switch Live Bridge.JPG

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Yes I think you are on the right track. If Brown is the permanent unswitched supply but is not getting into the switch contacts then by picking up from Brown/White (the ignition switched supply that feeds the fuse bank) should I would have thought give you lights albeit only with the ignition on.

Well done on getting the switch back together again with all those little springs & triangular contacts!

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Perfect thank you, appreciate the quick response. You are right the switch was a little tricky, interesting arrangement for the contact mechanism, luckily it stayed in place long enough to close the lid, no idea what it looks like inside now, but it works 

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i don't think your 6-way switch is a  PRC5410 (Defender)  , ISTR they have  1/4" Lucar blades - that switch is probably a Series that had screw -tag terminals (as S3)  , also there are indications it is a S2A 'keyswitch type' ,  the wiring is modified with these tags & insulation sleeve. IIRC the switch internal/external tracks are same regardless of model.  IIRC the early S2A keys-barrel witch also had 1/4" Lucars.

You could do a repair using Araldite epoxy (original slow set) - however you are trusting to luck.

If you find  www. Land-Rover-Lightweight website , wiring diagrams , find the IR diagram - to right hand side you will find a 'truth-table' to check for correct operation , using terminal numbers and a AVO / test lamp.

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