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  1. Hello All Does any one know if there is a maintenance manual for this type of generator, my FFR Landrover is sounding like it is in pain as the generator could do with some grease on its bearings, but can't see anything that allows that to happen Any help, greatfully received Steve
  2. Hi All if you have a Armsafe / Hawker UK6TNMF battery for sale, that holds a charge, I would be very interested in purchasing it Many thanks Steve
  3. Hi All Still seeking a battery, if anyone has one for sale (that holds a charge), please let me know. Many thanks Steve
  4. Hi do you still have the batteries? If so, are you up for a sale, only really looking for one though Steve
  5. Sorry for you delay in getting back to everyone, got a tad busy, thank you for the posts . I have tried the pulse tech charger route, sadly to no avail, I think the batteries are truely dead, I am trying again but don't hold out much hope so still looking for replacements, if anyone has a live battery please get in contact. I am located in Sussex if that helps and more than willing to pick up within a reasonable distance. Steve
  6. would anyone be able to help me in locating a Hawker Battery for my FFR Landrover, unable to afford new, so looking to buy a decent second hand battery. They seem a little bit like gold dust, I think I have been looking in the wrong places Any help greatly appreciated Steve
  7. Evening everyone My name is Steve, I own a 1985 110 FFR military Landrover and have done for a couple of years, I think I am slowly rebuilding it, luckily it always makes me smile regardless of the cost I was in the services and seem to be returning slowly to green things again. Take care Steve
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