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Control Panel, Alternator, No.1 Mk 1, FV342587


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thank you clive.

just had a play with the trim pots, but alas made no difference at all, so I have 3 regulators I tried, one is 'all or nothing' the other two are completely dead.

thought about swapping the 3 boards around, but its all hard wired.


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As I've separately discussed with Terry, these things are a complete nightmare.  I have several dead ones so decided to dismantle one a while ago in the hope that it was a failed SCR.  I ended up with a mass of assorted screws, bits all over the place and although I could see evidence of overheating (a melted wire) I still couldn't get to half the components I needed to, which are completely buried.  As I said to Terry, it's as though they've been designed to be as awkward as possible to repair.


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Might be worth seeing if all 8 mods on the mod plate have been done. If any have not been done then investigating the components associated with the later mods might show a weak spot. As all these mods seem to be to do with component failures.

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