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Churchill Demolition Mortar


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Firing the Petard was accomplished with a spring loaded rod (large firing pin). With the rod cranked back, it could be released to impact and ignite the propellant charge located on the mortar round. This process fired the large 290-mm demolition charge with adequate accuracy.



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thanks, but what purpose did the cylinder and cartridge holder serve? did it it hydraulically/pneumatically retract the huge spigot rod. Im geussing the rod would have to be back fully before it could be loaded?


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To fire the Petard, firstly the spigot is retracted by winch and the bomb placed in the barrel and the barrel/breech is closed. In firing, the spigot is sprung forward and "picks up" the bomb, entering the tube up the middle of the bomb. Before the spigot is fully extended it strikes and ignites the propelling charge at the front end of the tube. The bomb "blows off" the spigot and goes on it's way. The recoil forces stop the spigot momentum and recock the spigot ready for the next shot. In the event of a misfire, the bomb will be ejected a few feet by spring power but of course the spigot does not recock which must be done with the winch if in training but in action a blank charge in a "revolver cylinder" device attached to the mounting would be fired into the large tubular fitting which recocked the spigot. This blank fire recock was only used in action because its use entailed an enormous amount of work in stripping to clean out the corrosive deposits of the blank.

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