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Military GREASE PM600



Does anybody know what type of grease  PM600 is  ?    Is it a silicone grease   ?

The tube says  00.4315.014.010   , it looks like a NSN   ?  So I google it and up comes mountain bike suspension fork maintenance - well Son 1 does use it for that purpose. However I can see no indication it is a NSN.

There seems a few manufacturers , his is  "Liquid-O-Ring" and made in USA by  Balmar LLC

Thanks in advance.


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Yes , but hardly a Technical Data Note.    It does not tell you what it consists of  /  is , obviously better than a clay soap/lithium/calcium basic grease.   At abt. £15 a standard size tube you get more per $ than a toothpaste tube of silicone grease at £10.   It's main claim seems to be that it is tacky + EP ,  it is a very good high temperature grease at max.  260C because  Rocal Saphire 2 is very good at high temp. (to 160C)..   It seems they use the word  "military" as marketing speel for what is a good grease and then you just have to accept because you are left in the dark.  Mountain Bikers have lots of  £££££££

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