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Triumph 3HW rear wheel assembly


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Got a question on the installation of the rear wheel on my 3HW. I obtained this as a basket case, lying in pieces for over 20  years. After a long search i finally found the rear wheel bearings. As the rear wheel was in parts, I have no clue how to install it properly and the manuals are vague on it.

So, looking at below pictures, is it correct to secure the bearings with a nut, and also do this for the brakes? doing so, it's real tight to slip the wheel in,even so tight it feels like I should spread the rear open.

Suggestions? Pictures?

all welcome





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I think you'll find that the dome face nut you have on the outside of the brake plate should be on the inside, and the nut you have on the O/S has the small sleeve machined on which goes through the hole from the outside of the brake plate. Obviously can't see what else you have.  Ron



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What is in the drawing is exactly what you should have. No20 fits in the frame slot each side and are what the chain adjusters press against. I assume you have the correct bearings which are assembled and adjusted correctly. Once the rear hub is assembled in the right order and you can adapt the means to measure to the outside of nuts 21-26, then that should be the gap between your rear fork plates.  Ron

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