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Which tank is this?


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On 3/6/2021 at 10:00 AM, Doug Brown said:

enough about this tank, how about a tank guy.....for all us Dave Arnold of the former (IWMH) fans here in Canada ....... what is he doing now? We loved him on the Tank Overhaul TV series.

I liked Daves parts of the Tank Overhaul show as he got his hands dirty and did the work himself. most of the othe tank owners had teams of people doing the work for them.

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On 3/1/2021 at 1:52 PM, Messier4715 said:

i did my training in bovington 2000. I think the tiger was there at the time or in restoration but on subsequent training courses I went to the tank museum and she is impressive in scale and presence even with modern tanks if anyone is thinking about it after this lockdown nonsense is over highly recommend it. 

131 was being restored in the old museum. (Director Royal Armoured Corps had been a young 15/19H lieutenant when I was in Command Troop. He asked everyone who's ever been RAC, via associations, to dig deep. For that reason about 2008 I was invited to Bovy Officers' Mess for the opening, and my name was on the plaque by the ticket office, since removed to the ramp between Cold War hall and restaurant, under Light Dragoons.)

Nearby was the Kelly's Heroes "Tiger", built on a T34 chassis. Puny in comparison.

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