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Kraftrader - German military motorcycles of The Great War

Great War truck

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I have just finished reading the latest Tankograd publication ”Kraftrader” (German military motorcycles), number 9 in the series of “Imperial German Army weapons and soldiers of the Great War 1914-1918 and what a stunning piece of work it is.

Apart from a few photographs and comments in other books this is a subject which has never been covered in any detail before. The author Jochen Vollert has drawn upon his own photograph collection, selecting more than 200 to illustrate the book and what superb highly detailed images they are.

Spread over 12 chapters the book explains the motorisation of the German army, the different German motorcycle makes and their variants, non-German manufacturers, captured motorcycles, repair workshops before ending with despatch rider uniforms and documents.  

Spread over 96 pages this really is a fantastic book and sits well with the others in the same series. What excites my curiosity that for 2021 there are two further books in the series to be released. The subject of German mechanical transport in the Great War has been overlooked in the past but Tankograd are going out of their way to correct this.

Limited to a print run of just 700, the Tankograd books have a habit of selling out. More information can be found on the Tankograd website:      


1009 Krad 01.jpg

1009 Krad 02.jpg

1009 Krad 03.jpg

1009 Krad 04.jpg

1009 Krad 05.jpg

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