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Commer-car Truck.

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Our museum recently acquired this 1912? Commer car open chain drive truck. I have got it running not too bad. It starts easily.  Don't know what magneto it would have had originally but has an  American Boch  on it now Which works good. It has dual spark plugs. I thought it probably originallyhad battery and buzz coil for starting then switched to the magneto. It has a bennett carburetor which I think is original but not sure. I can't find any info on this truck other then the odd photo .the engine is a head en block which is a little unusual but not unheard of. 





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Thanks for the reply's to the Commer Car truck. The person whom we corresponded with when we got the truck thought it was about 1914 but wasn't sure. Apparently this truck was bought new by the city of Edmonton Alberta and used as a water truck. We don't know when it ended up at Fort Edmonton Park museum which is owned by the city of Edmonton. They transferred it to our museum { stony Plain &Parkland Pioneer Museum} recently along with several other vehicles so I guess we are the second owners of it. I would like to find some info on the engine specs and the bennett carburator.

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