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18 hours ago, Nick Eve said:

I am restoring a 1956 Austin Champ and would like to use the vehicle markings/insignia of my fathers Regiment 1st Battalion Royal Scots (the Royal Regiment)

Can anyone please let me know what they might have included ...The regiment I believe was an infantry battalion

1st of the foot infantry regiment of the Line. The senior infantry regiment of the British Army, for instance the 20th of foot are/were The Lancashire Fusiliers.

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If you can believe wikipedia they moved about quite a bit so you will need to be specific what date you want to portray as they would have been attached to different formations depending on where they were.

The 1st Battalion briefly saw service in the Korean War in 1953, as part of 29th Infantry Brigade; after a brief spell in Egypt, they deployed to Cyprus from June 1955 to February 1956. They then spent two years in England, two in Berlin, one in Scotland, two in Libya, and four in England. In 1964, they deployed to Aden, then back to England and a three-year spell in Germany with the British Army of the Rhine.[73]

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