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Rootes Wartime Contracts


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Just putting this out there to see if anyone can help.

I have copies of Rootes Contracts that show overall numbers produced etc but I was wondering if anyone has anything that indicates a contract starting from a chassis number?

For example Instruction manuals that I have state that contracts start from a specific chassis number.


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I have seen these documents as well. They were entered up as Contracts were received but Rootes would have had no knowledge at the time of chassis numbers as sometimes there was some delay before they were started. Quantities were often changed as well. Parts books with Chassis numbers were often issued after production was completed.

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Through my research available of Rootes wartime vehicle production it states that between 1939 and August 1943 there were just over 6500 Commer Q2's delivered.

I have a Q2 that has a chassis number just after 5700 and is registered as 1942, from the above this would lead me to think that its correct.

I ideally want to find out which service it was delivered too. I am still researching.

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Just looking through a Commer Instruction Book I have for the 3 tonner it actually lists all 1000 chassis and engine numbers under Contract Number 294/V/3604(Con'8).

So I presume if I can find a similar Instruction Manual for a 30cwt it may list in the same style.

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23 hours ago, Rootes75 said:

So do you think the number of Q2's built between 39 and August 43 of 6559 is correct?

For the Q2 30-cwt I do not see a listing on https://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/production_rootes, only the "Commer 15-cwt Load Carrier" for the Air Ministry and the Commer “Q.4” General Service Wagon for the Ministry of Supply are listed.

I looked into the "Commer 15-cwt Load Carrier" specifically and calculated a total of 1,755 delivered. Bill Kreiner confirmed that number is likely correct for the period December 1942 through August 1944. Unfortunately we don't know the 1939-1942 total.

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