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Larkspur part numbers


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Never seen a complete list of ZA to NSN's, I have a few of the ground spike and will dig them out over the week end to see what numbers(if any) they have on them, I assume that this is what you are talking about




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One way is trawling through manuals from the early 1960s for the specific equipment installations & hoping to spot if the item of interest is included, hoping that the VAOS reference is included with a NSN.

I say the early 1960s because that was the changeover period for the cataloguing system. Although NATO agreed to adopt the US Federal Cataloguing System in 1956, the UK did not ratify the agreement until 1961 & it did not officially come into operation until 1st April 1966.

However in the lead up period many items were repackaged bearing a NSN, although inner packaging might still bear the VAOS item reference & many parts lists had supplements of amendments that included the new NSNs.

So you would need to look out for a Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores (VAOS) Section ZA & ZB  from the 1962-66 era. VAOS were often published annually. When most of the items  had been NATO codified, VAOS morphed into COSA (Catalogue of Ordnance Stores & Ammunition) which retained the same Section identities, although these evolved with time as they did with VAOS.

The VAOS/COSA Section identifiers persist as the DMC (Domestic Management Code) preceding the NSN.

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