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 hi , i wonder it someone could help , would like know the colour paint used on a 1939 bedford oyd , removing some paint today i found  a colour of paint under the nato green like a  all most deep bronze green ,  what the colour would have been used on  B E F  at Dunkirk or just after , thank you in advance,  Peter  

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thank you Richard , it is very difficult to really say what green it is but that was the nearest i could get to it , under that it was bear metal, the other that has thrown me it has only the large speedo gauge  and  a smaller round  amp meter  , oil pressure, and water temp gauge  with the round switch panel, where i have seen in most of oyd   two large gauges  one being speedo and the other containing  oil pressure and amp meter , i wonder what you views are on this , pete 

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