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LD 101 and FV1601 info from chassis numbers


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Brian tell me the chassis number of your FV1601 & I can tell you when & where it was delivered to the Army, the engine number, the receipt voucher number & the contract. Do you want just the info or a scan of the ledger?

I can also tell you when & where it was sold with the lot number & sale number & possibly the selling price. Also the date it was struck off census, which is not the same as the sale date.

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Hi Clive

Thanks for getting back to me.  The chassis number is 3142C, actually a FV1602 and we think the reg was 31 BK 42?  Any info you can give me would be appreciated, I'd love to know the history.




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Brian 31 BK 42 was a Mk 1 Pig FV1612 sold at Ruddington in 1971. Yes they were still selling off Pigs to only start buying them back again a year later!

So I wondered if your chassis number was perhaps 31420 as it should just have 5 digits. But the lowest chassis number starting with 3 was 32311 & besides 14 BK 20 was also a Mk 1 Pig struck off in Cyprus in 1967.

Have you got an engine number? If that was original I could trace it back that way.

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On 7/11/2020 at 9:58 AM, Robert Edwards said:

hi there I've just brought a 101 and it's registered as 1981 on the document. I was wondering how do I get the actual build date and change it on the registration document to the correct year and then make it a historic vehicle. 

List here the vehicle serial number and I'll look it up on the 101 Club records.

To re-register as age related you will need a letter from Gaydon confirming the build date as DVLA can be rather hit or miss with accepting "certified" letters from the 101 Club, so best go straight to Gaydon anyway.

John (101 Club Treasurer)

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