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What oil do I need for a 59 simca sumb

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Hi guys anyone have any idea What grade of oils I need for an original engine simca. Any idea how many litres is needed to drain and refill. Also where The best place is to get the correct amount to do an oil change. I have a new filter Ready to go on. I’m also after the pioneer rack that goes over the air tank. With or without tools.  Cheers 

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armytrucks.free.fr have a free downloadable manual for the Marmon simca that contains all the information that you need 

its obviously in french but with some perseverance you can work through it , last page includes a table with all the required lubricants for the vehicle ...they do appear to list every conceivable lubricant but this may be linked to operating temperatures so if you are in the desert use these lubricants ,,,, and if in extreme  cold these lubricants ..

The US army is listed in the handbook as users (top of the second pages of lubricants) of the vehicle so you may be able to find a copy of the handbook converted for the US army 

As an alternative you could contact RR Services who i believe imported a batch of these and potentially have spares and guidance 



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