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Corps of Royal Engineers - Cat D8H, Thailand 1960s

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During the mid 1960s the Corps of Royal Engineers were committed to the construction of an airfield and road at Leong nok Tha in N E Thailand.  The mainstay for all dozer operations on Operation Crown was a fleet of Cat D8H dozers throughout that period.  The earthworks on both projects were conducted by Cat D8H's with blades or towing 12 to 16 cu yd Onions Scrapers.  All D8s fitted with "Donkey Engines" for starting assistance for turning the main engine.  The only time they stopped working was during the monsoons.

One of the attached D8 images shows a Buddhist Monk blessing the dozer before the start of the 25 mile road project.

I spent 22 months on Operation Crown as a Plant Operator with the majority of my time on Cat D8Hs or the 99H Grader.  Happy days.


D8 me.jpg

D8 with Steve Oakley.jpg

D8 with towed box scraper.jpg


Thailand Buddhist monk.png

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I remember you from 54.  I left in March 1969.

Were you in Resources with Fred Manning and Roy Reed?

I'm still in contact with many ex 54 guys, Frank Topham, Pete Melia, Jake Corcoran, Ron Tobin, Dinger Bell, George Birrell, Barney Barnes, Fred Manning, Trev Lumby, Trev Clough and Al Barker though many have sadly passed on, Jock Cameron, Al Stockton, Charlie Hankinson, Harry Dyer, Steve Oakley and Fred Sloover.

Happy days.  Do you have any photos?  (micknorton1944@gmail.com>







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