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VC 54 in North Africa.

Tony B

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Hi Tony;


Don't think its a WC54,..............3/4 tonner.

My guess its a 1/2 ton WC9,or WC18, or WC27.


Looking at bonnet loovres,.......on photo there vertical, as per 1/2 ton. (3/4 ton's ones were horizontal.)


In 1941 the U.S gave the British forces serving in N.Africa a number of new Dodge wc series 1/2 ton ambulances and weapons carriers.


Of course, I may be wrong............................ :roll:



Great to see these photo's.


All the best,



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the wording on the side is Volunteer Medical and it is the US medical corp sign. i belive the vehicle was one used by the US voluntary medical corp that served in north Africa. can anyone supply more history?



AFS or American Field Service, a volunteer ambulance driver corps.


The used to have a website, it was moved, but I found it again after some searching: http://www.ourstory.info/

Look for the half ton Dodges. . .


Hope this helps,




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