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Somewhere to go on a Saturday night.


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I've just seen a thread listed as HMVF Bar Tread Disco. Is this the new nightspot Jack has been planning? Wow! Will it be as rowdy as Ginger's? Or will it match the madness of the Bolero beer tent that night I made a buttocks of myself. Joris - are you in charge of the bar? Who is going to clear up the mess? We'll need lots of new members to keep things tidy.



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kebabs on the way home,,,


I always get the hiccups, though. Mind you last time it was all the fault of the cider at the Rochford beer festival. I fell down an embankment and got covered in mud. Much amusement from the queue at Stavros's place. Not much amusement from the boss when I got home. Ah but, she wants to come along this year. She's a lovely little thinker but a bugger when she's pi55ed - so the song goes.


Jack's Full General Monty sounds ugly. See you at the bar.

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