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Matchless G3L 1941/42


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It’s been a long time since I last posted as unfortunately things have got in the way,  I have a Matchless G3L which has been sitting in my brothers garage since 2012.

I would now finally like to get her running and would appreciate it if anyone could possibly have a look at the pictures to see what’s wrong and what’s right on the bike with a few pointers on what to look out for when recommissioning her.

 I have some repo canvas grips to put on plus the all important speedo but no bracket to mount it with as I’m not sure what they look like, I also have the horn. I’ve also been looking for a side stand but they seem quite rare.

any help would be much appreciated.

kind regards











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Apart from what you say Colin looks good to go, wish mine was near completion but have had many delays like yourself many things got in the way......

Only thing that doesn't look correct is the Battery box holder being at an angle ?

Plenty of repro speedo brackets about, I'd get some pics to you but am getting the van ready for tomorrow.

keep us posted how you get on, you'll be short on replys at present as probably a lot who post on here are in Normandy.

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Looks pretty good.  The battery box holder is wrong.  The oil tank cap should be the pie crust type as on the petrol tank.  Depends on how much rivet counting you want to indulge in as to getting it 100%.  Best advice that will save you money is to get it running reliably and attend some events where you will meet fellow owners and their bikes and you can get first hand knowledge, comparing your bike side by side with theirs.  And find out where to get decent bits.  Dont forget that there were a LOT of variations in the parts used over the 3 years of volume production and in the field, parts would have been swapped around.......you can easily get bamboozled by conflicting advice on what is correct!  You will not embarrass yourself with this G3L as it stands now.  You might want to think about adding pannier frames and bags in due course.  As to getting it running, I dont know how much knowledge you have.  They are simple machines and generally, if you have fuel and a spark in the right place, at the right time, it will run.  If you have problems, ask again.  Unfortunately, the one disadvantage of the Matchless compared to an M20 is that it is a bit fiddly to work with and that petrol tank has to come off regularly!  If the dynamo is not working, then its a major operation to get it out!

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Hi guys

Thanks for the reply’s 👍 I didn’t notice the battery box before it doesn’t look right as you both say so will have a look at that. Ferg  your right in what you say👍 my main intention is to get it running nicely as the mechanical side of the bike is more important to me than the looks at the moment,  I’m ok at doing most things so I will have a go. The price of the important parts seem to have rocketed since I last looked when I first got her 🤔 but I guess that goes for most things.




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5 minutes ago, Richard Farrant said:

The battery carrier on your bike is a Lucas item as fitted to the WM20, you might be able to trade it with someone to get the correct one.

Thank you very much Richard that’s a good idea 👍

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