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Run Flat Tyre inserts


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I have been considering changing the tyres on my truck. 

On Ebay there is a set of wheels and tyres I am keen to try  

They are fitted with “Run Flat Inserts” 

what are these?

do they effect the maximum speed when used on the road 

is there any downside to using them 

Are all ten stud wheels interchangeable. 

Many thanks


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Are you not confusing bead locks with run flat inserts?  Bead locks do what you suggest and allow tyres to be run at low pressures for increased footprint in soft terrain without coming off the rim, run flat inserts take up most of the space that would normally be filled with air to enable a tyre to carry the weight if punctured.

10 stud wheels can have several variations, the offset is different between vehicles and they can be either hub centric or stud centric.

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