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  1. It might help, if you refer to the lorries as a "Recreational Vehicle" -or even better " a Campervan". They are also large, taken-out out a few times per year and NON-commercial.
  2. And w itch battery looks the most like a "L-WD-2/4" ??
  3. Hello forum! My Hillman Mk2 has got a modern battery that needs replacement. According to the parts manual it originally was fitted with a "L-WD-2" , or a "L-WD-4" or a "BNW7/9A" battery. The Hillman has got a 1Volts, negative ground system. My question : Has anybody got photo's / drawings and measurements of these batteries ? With the photo's and measurements I can go and search for a modern batterie that looks as good as possible. Anyone has a link to a "vintage repro" battery seller? Thanks in advance !
  4. The inserts are there to press the side of the rubber to the rims. the make sure the rubber tyre "sticks" to your steel rims.
  5. Are you restoring a dingo ? Best to ask the question on the special Facebook page :DINGO There were some starter-motors for sale a few years ago.
  6. There is a very complete one for sale on Milweb : http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a3499/94831
  7. Please PM me your contact details and I'll send you details about an C15a that is for sale.
  8. Have a look at the Rob van Meel's website. He makes reproduction book, leaflets and other paperwork. If it's not listed, ask him for the messagepad. fair priced articles. https://robvanmeel.nl/
  9. See photo for the railway tracks Geert 😉
  10. Planned some days off during the holiday so I can visit the Dorset Steam Fair and admire your work on this nice machine !
  11. Hi Martin, reproduction base, arm and mirrors are still available. I've bought an brass arm and base, lightly sandblasted them and painted them in green. Fitted and origina WD marked Desmo mirror to them. Here are some inks to a seller : ARM and BASE MIRROR Good luck !
  12. I might be ablle to help you with the yellow emersion suit (3th last photo) Allthough it's in storage.... so it might take some weeks before I can dig it out. PM me for contact details
  13. This is the Lucas rotor intended for a Dingo (2200 rpm). I do not know what the max. RPM's are for a Armoured Car or the Ferret.
  14. Champion RSL10 shielded 14mm (1/2in reach) spark plugs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-NOS-Champion-RSL10-Military-Shielded-Spark-Plugs-shielded-L10-FREE-UK-P-P/222895458710?epid=1457078289&hash=item33e59ac996:g:fGUAAOSwam1atP0W
  15. Full list onine : ftp://ftp.iks-jena.de/mitarb/lutz/standards/dstan/29/002/00000200.pdf
  16. Do you want the screened ones or the un-screened type? Found a army reference list for spark plugs. Listed below is a part of that list that discribes the screened sparkplugs, including measurements and the "civilian" names of the products. I've listed TABLE 1(b) below, that deals with the screened plugs suitable for Dingo's. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M.o.D. "Defence Standard" 29-2 (sept. 1974) regarding PLUGS, SPARKING (NON AIRCRAFT). Table 1 (B) "Standard Range, Plugs Sparking - SCREENED" (a
  17. Hi Martin, Are you looking for the front or the rear hooks? You should be able to cast the rear towing hooks.
  18. Gentlemen, I'm looking for info / photo's / descriptions of the WW2 Bleach Powder Tins carried on most WW2 AFV vehicles for decontamination purpusses. They are widely mentioned in most vehicle "stowage lists", but until now I cannot find any documentation about them, or any photo's. Is there anybody who can help?
  19. And I forgot to mention: found innertubes locally for a very nice price (20 euro each) and will fit adaptor valves to inflate hem. Very handy those adaptor valves !
  20. Hello Richard, I'm planning to use the RF2 tyres and keep the solid tyres back on reserve. I must say I forgot about the inserts for the RF2, but with a normal size type of innertube I'm figuring I don't need to fit them as the innertube will fully inflate the tyre. (Will regret it when I get a puncture though ! ) The 2 first photo's shows the tyres I 'm planning to use, the last photo shows the same type of tyres in use (Normandy 1944). But thanks for your comments.... made me think extra !
  21. Hello Forum, I'm looking for inner tubes for my Daimler Dingo, wheel size 7.00 x 18" They need to have the steel angled valves. I've googled, but got lost in Alibaba-offers! Any UK based truck or tractor suppliers ? And YES : those are for the NON-solid tyres 7.00 x 18" wheels. Will need 4 or 5 of them. Hope you can help.
  22. I was stunned too... but after re-reading I think you should read it as : prices : 20 of m6=£3 20 of m8=£6 20 of m10=£8 20 of m12 =£10 20 of m16 =£12 "prices20 of m6=£320 of m8=£620 of m10=£820 of m12 =£1020 of m16 =£112"
  23. Hello! We had the thought it might have been for a Daimler Ferret, so we weren't far off. :-) The sealsl are for sale, there are 2 for sale. Please send PM and we make a deal. regards, Fred
  24. Can anybody identify this seal ? Box is marked : "CR SERVICES" 9cv1 42800 "Use tool 455 H93 " Label shows : 9CVT 5330 99 311 2993 OS 42800 CSP2C1 1844
  25. I've got my set for my dingo almost complete, having the front plate double and the nr. 3 (or was it nr. 4?) still missing. The 2 front plates I've collected are different in thickness and design, not knowing why there is a difference. They both fit on the frame.
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