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DOT3 - RL brakes



Good afternoon folks............................

Eager Beaver Tractor, wheeled, fork lift 4000 lb.

Basic hydraulic brake system as RL.

All new cylinders, master cylinder re honed ss insert (Past Parts)

My question is;

All replaced and bled - brakes non existent. Push pedal  - soft as grease no pressure on brakes which then almost instantly go on loads of revs pushing against brakes to move????

Any definite evidence from anyone of modern brake fluids not working in these original unmodified brake systems? Bled old fashioned bottle way, reverse pressure bled and vacuum bled no difference.....

Thanks in anticipation!

Ok reading through threads as it's raining looks like the answer is yes I'll buy some and post if there is any difference!

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Eager Beavers used Bedford R.L. axles and running gear, but only brakes off one corner all around, front left. So the leading and trailing shoes change places as you go around the vehicle. I asume that they used a Bedford RL brake power booster and that could be the root of you problem. There were some pictures of them operating in the Falklands on this Forum.

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Hope it helps, getting the shoes settled in position and adjusted correctly should go a long way towards solving your problem. It seems a strange design for brakes in the first place, a recipe for maintainance headaches.

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