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Spotted in France

No Signals

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Not that I was vehicle hunting on my hols with her ladyship you understand :-) However these were some of the green stuff I spotted.

Two Dodges, turned in to wreckers, both of which seemed to be still in use.

A whole derelict garage with quite a few French(? -someone will know) ex ambulance things. But also the remains of a Dodge and some GMC's(?). A couple of large US (Vietnam era?) three axle jobs. The one at the back different to the front one- front end just visible on one shot. Both remrkably complete and with fitted garden :-D in the rear of one. The armoured car was in Portugal - any ideas -still new to the job!

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While on holiday in the Pyrennes a few weeks ago (on the French side) I spotted an abandoned Lightweight Land Rover in a Farmyard still with its UK registration - NTP 550Y.


VOSA says last heard of in 2008


So sign of anyone around to talk to nor any sign it was ever registered as a French registered vehicle


It was left hand drive and likely to be a 24v FFR


It was still in quite good order too - and had a few bits I could have had off it for my own use.

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