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CVRT Spares for sale


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new old stock. track, £17.50 per link (in ten link sections) new road wheels, £120. rear idler wheels, sold in a vehicle set, steel type £180, rare original rubber type (4 wheels) £225, torsion bar £45. Clutch drum with lining kit £200, Scorpion gunners sight, £325, armoured cowl for same £150, Axle arm with hub £85, new oil filter housing £65, Scorpion crew heater assembly £65, new Scorpion OTIS rear turet bin (slant back) £265, new Scorpion turret side bin £125, Scorpion turret seat back £65, Driver's night vision periscope £325, front 'D' shackles £25. Rarden cleaning kit in bag £35. SA80 gun mounts-sold as a kit £25

located Kent. Pics on request. can ship

Terry 0774 8990096

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9 hours ago, Grasshopper said:

Which turret side bin do you have Terry? I have one (can't remember which side so will check), but still require the other. 

I think its the nearside one?

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