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Austin K2,K3,K9 Thermostat


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Hi folks, I am wanting to fit a thermostat to my K2, I have the housing but only the body of the thermostat, the rest has corroded away.  It is a Smiths 30065/6 68c-154f.

I think this is off a later engine I bought years ago which may have been fitted to a K9.  The manual I have says for the wartime K2 the thermostat is a Smiths x30065/14.

I know Smiths parts are rare now so two questions, is the bit I have left, off a K9 and what could I use "off the shelf" to fit now? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tim

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Hi John, yes the body of the old one is a neat 2 5/16", about 58mm.  As for the operating temp, the (bit of) one I have left is 68c which is low. I am hoping that some one can  identify it as a K9, or not, to give me a starting point. Cheers, Tim 


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The Rolls Royce B series engines use a Smiths x30065 thermostat but I don't know what the suffix is, so I can't say if it is the same as x30065/14 in your manual.

If the thermostats are the same, the Austin Champ Owners' Club replacement is:-

Quinton Hazel   QTH222

Dia (mm) 58.0 57.0

Temp (C) 73 75

QTH222 is a modern style unit. The critical difference is the depth of the main flange that acts as the seal in the thermostat housing. The Champ unit is 4mm and QTH222 is only 1mm. If I were to use this stat I would cut a "washer" from 3.5mm cork gasket to compensate.

The above copied from here:-

http://www.austinchampownersclub.com/04 Club/02 Members Log In/01 Members Site/03 Parts/Off The Shelf Champ Spares V2.pdf

QTH222 thermostat:-


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