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My late fathers Deact collection


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Dear All


I've been sorting through photos I took when getting my father's collection valued and sold in 2013/2014 and I thought I would post a link to  them here in case they are useful to anyone for research or modelling purposes. The album is at: 


All of these items were sold to a dealer in 2013 or 2014 so are no longer available from me. 




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I think he bought most of the collection in the 1980s looking at the deactivation certificates and receipts that came with them. . He did have a firearms certificate and a live firearms collection until the 1980s (and was working as a deer stalker around the time I was born) and I believe that the deact SMLE replaced a real one.  He had some pre-war shooting experience and was called up in 1939  (born April 1922 so just old enough to be in from the start) and I think his interest in firearms started then - he never really discussed anything later than that however. Later,  he worked in the Middle East and East Africa from 1956 or earlier initially for the Department of Overseas Survey in Oman and Eritrea, later as a private sector contract surveyor  in Iraq and Kurdistan until 1961 - he was there for the 1958 revolution and the 1961 Kuwait crisis and decided to call it a day after that and marry my mum in 1962. 

I have several dozen boxes of slides from his travels to clean up and scan - many are records of places that have been comprehensively wrecked over the last 20 years so I will add them to my website in due course as a lasting memorial to both him and the world he visited that is no more. 



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