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WW2 R1155 receiver


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Hi Mogmaner,

Thank you for your helpfull reply - by the way - nice set up you have there.

To you experienced guys this is probably a very silly question but showing my lack of knowledge on this subject - if I wanted to use  an r1155 radio receiver at a show - how would I power it up? As it needs 2 different voltages will I need a transformer of some kind? I had origenally thought that I could power this from a 12v battery, this would appear not to be the case.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

All the best,


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You will need either a 240v mains supply unit or a 12v battery supply unit. Either of these will have to be made unless you are lucky enough to find one that someone else has made. There are plenty of designs out there on the net but if going the 12v battery route be aware you will need a big battery. If for use at a show a mains powered unit might well need PAT testing by the organisers so needs to be properly made, not lashed up out of bits.

Find and talk to your local amateur radio club, most clubs will have at least one person who has done this.



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Hi Yeoman.

I have at least 4 off 1155 receivers and 2 x 1154 transmitters in my stores. Also I believe there is a well made more modern mains power unit. All of which are for sale as I am now downsizing my collection.

Note that 1155 (and some 1154) sets were used in many ground, air and sea roles during WW2. The real aircraft ones are worth more money. Look for the aluminium casing as well as the A M plate on the front.

PS I also counted at least 20 off 19 sets, all with power packs, dog bone and ATU and piles of accessories.

Plus 4 or 5 Larkspur  backpack sets, all different (valve sets of course).




1 021.jpg

1 022.jpg

1 023.jpg

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I youse mains when I can, but if not I have 2 invertors  from 12v to 240v ,one rotary military  the other is transformer based yousing  a good quality transformer and invertor driver board of the web .The cheap invertors you can buy create to much interference, 


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